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Tricia Phalin

Tricia is one of Meraki's youngest in age, but age does not determine the level of talent with this one. Her skill set exceeds her age by many years. She is an advanced stylist who specializes in blonding and vibrant colors. However, there is no job too small or too large she can't execute. 

Tricia is very well rounded. She is steady from start to finish. She is sensible in thought and can give you her informed professional opinion that comes from a vast amount of education. Her well thought out plan includes attention to detail, that allows a mound of foils on the smallest of heads if that's what is needed. There is no stone that goes un-turned with Tricia.  She is perfecting her craft daily. I would imagine once you're her client, you'll choose to be for a real long time. That's just how solid she is. 

Tricia is the vibe Meraki's built upon. Which is "Leave the drama for your momma"!


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