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Skylar James

Hairepist | 
Healthy Hair Specialist

Welcome to my chair!  Where your hair dreams and goals come true. With over 5 years of experience under my belt, I am proud to offer my clients a unique and personalized hair salon experience. I mostly specialize in a healthy hair concept. Whether it be transitioning heavy blondes into something more lived in, or natural, creating a plan to prepare your hair for the color of your dreams by repairing damage, or simply enhancing a natural look with minimal maintenance.  While also providing a comfortable space they can feel confident in before leaving with their new look. Fabulous color starts with healthy hair!  Our consultation will include a healthy hair and scalp assessment, so you know exactly what to expect leaving my chair. While also making sure you know how to plan for our future appointments together.

So, check out my hair page, or hit the schedule button below, and lets get your individual hair journey started!


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