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Jen Petitt

Jennifer is an advanced stylist who specializes in highlights, baby lights, and balayage/foliage. She’s quick, energetic, and will get the job done. She will make sure you have a realistic goal in mind while keeping your hair in the healthiest shape. She loves to talk so always expect good conversation. You will never leave her chair disappointed. 

Jen is a team player and 100% supportive of the Meraki Vision by being its biggest cheerleader. But she's also supportive of each tribe member. She calls it like she sees it because honesty is just one of Jens best traits. She's genuinely excited for other peoples big moments in life, but also a great friend to have during some of the tough times in life. A real asset to have on any team. You're gonna want her on yours!


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For more info you can reach Jen directly 567-202-3884
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