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I am looking for a reshaping of my current cut. Or a low maintenance cut that I'm able to blowdry style using minimal product and round brush at most.


Short Shear

I am looking for a haircut that is scissor or razor cut and requires minimal styling such as a pixie or a mullet.


Transformative Cut

I am looking for a bigger change with a new haircut or I know I have more hair than average. I may have inspiration, or I may need direction on trying a new style with use of a few products and tools.



We are proud to offer the broadest color range of hair extensions in the market for all hair types. Ethical sourcing, sustainable production practices and 11 years of experience is why we chose Bellami Professional Hair for all of our clients needs.

Brazilian Blowout/Keratin Smoothing

Not a chemical relaxer. These treatments are used to smooth coarse textured hair for less frizz and more control. They add shine and protect your in-salon color. 



This service option ranges from a simple shampoo and style to a special event all updo.

Bridal hair requires our bridal form to be filled out and submitted. Click here for bridal.


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Gel Manicure

Clean up of nails and cuticles, clip, shape, and file


Builder Gel/Gel Extension

Builder gel is a durable base applied over your natural nails, an alternative to a regular gel polish manicure


Gel X

Gel x is a nail extension used to add length to your natural nails using a gel based full coverage nail tip. Gel is softer and more flexible, meaning less chips and breaks.


Acrylic Set


Pedicures are bookable for express, spa, and luxury pedicures. 

Express- Cleanup of cuticles, clip, and file nails, buffing the heels.


Spa-Cleanup of cuticles, clip, and file nails, buffing the heels with scrub and massage.$47

Luxury-Cleanup of cuticles, clip, and file nails, buffing the heels, scrub, massage, foot mask, and hot towels.


Luxury Plus-Cleanup of cuticles, clip, and file nails, buffing the heels, scrub, massage, foot mask, and hot towels. 
PLUS, a relaxing cooling gel mask WITH gel polish included.


Artificial Nail Extension With Tips, price includes gel polish


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Brows & Lashes

Lash Lift & Tint


The Lash Lift and Tint instantly brightens and awakens your eye area, making them look more youthful, as if mascara has been perfectly applied.

Brow Wax & Tint

Brow Lamination


The procedure lifts and smooths brows with the goal of creating sleeker, neater and fuller-looking eyebrows. While the result is similar to the look of applying brow gel, it can last up to two months.


Are you tired of spending hours each day perfecting your lashes and brows, only to have them fade away before your next beauty routine? Intensive lash and brow tint will revolutionize your lash and brow game.

What's permanent

about permanent jewelry?

Permanent is simply the term used to describe a clasp less piece of jewelry.  Using a welding machine, the chains are zapped end to end, securing their permanency. When you're ready to remove it, you just snip it with some shears! If you wish to have it welded back on at a later date, we'd be happy to do so. If you decide your jewelry works better for you being able to take it off and on, we simply add a clasp to your special piece!


The Process 

Once you're in salon, we'll show you our collection and allow you to take your time in choosing your "forever" piece. You’ll sit with one of Meraki's trained permanent jewelry providers to choose your chain and charm options. Our jeweler will then snip to size the chain that speaks to you and custom fit it to your wrist at different lengths so that you can decided on the fit that is best for the look you’d like. If you have your heart on something we don't carry in salon, please feel free to let us know, as we are purchasing more jewelry on a daily basis. Just send us a message!

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