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The Process 

Once you're in salon, we'll show you our collection and allow you to take your time in choosing your "forever" piece. You’ll sit with one of Meraki's trained permanent jewelry providers to choose your chain and charm options. Our jeweler will then snip to size the chain that speaks to you and custom fit it to your wrist at different lengths so that you can decided on the fit that is best for the look you’d like. If you have your heart on something we don't carry in salon, please feel free to let us know, as we are purchasing more jewelry on a daily basis. Just send us a message!


What's permanent

about permanent jewelry?

Permanent is simply the term used to describe a clasp less piece of jewelry.  Using a welding machine, the chains are zapped end to end, securing their permanency. When you're ready to remove it, you just snip it with some shears! If you wish to have it welded back on at a later date, we'd be happy to do so. If you decide your jewelry works better for you being able to take it off and on, we simply add a clasp to your special piece!

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