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Skylar James

She is ahead of her time.  Soul, passion, creativity and love is what Meraki is built on. Skylar has all of these.

She LOVES foil hilighting, baby lights, teasy lights, and everything else lights.  Skylar is a strong, solid stylist who genuinely LOVES her work to be top notch! I have yet to meet a stylist who is as humble as Skylar, when we all see very clearly how phenomenal she is! She is enthusiastic to get her hands in some hair and spends any free time watching others do services.

She is so incredibly attentive to her clients. And one of the hardest workers I know. I often sit back and watch while thinking to myself "man I wanna be Skylars client". We love this little lady tom pieces! We are so happy she's a part of our tribe <3

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