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Our Story

Our Vision

Meraki Salon Studio exists to provide Stylists, Nail techs, & Make-Up Artists a space filled with inspiration, and endless growth potential. Where they are free to begin their journey as a new professional, and then settle into one of our self-employed stations, should they choose that path. Meraki is the first salon in our area that's done a hybrid salon model, and successfully. You're offered fresh, new ideas from our artist, while also being given the opportunity to book with one of our highly skilled advanced stylists. We have someone for every need. 

We take care of clients in a relaxed and professional way. 

Our Mission

Our tribe consists of individuals who are experts in their respective niche and possess a deep understanding of their gifts. We believe that utilizing our talents to provide a life of abundance in health, money, and love is the key to unlocking our true potential. We are passionate about sharing our blessings with others and building the confidence of our guests and teammates. Honesty, transparency, and non-judgmental support are the values we cherish, and we are grateful of our talents when they can help our clients feel good about themselves. Join us on our journey of selfcare and growth!

Our Salon

Our salon is committed to providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all our clients. The bright and lively environment is filled with laughter and positivity, creating the perfect ambiance for getting your hair and nails done. We encourage you to come and discover what sets our salon apart from the rest.

Salon Tour

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