Meraki Salon Studio is more than just a salon. It’s a culture, a vibe.


As a Hairstylist, and now salon owner, I have spent my 23 year career behind the chair, perfecting the entire guest experience. From the minute you schedule, until you reschedule. And every moment between. The only thing that would allow this culture, was the help of like minded professionals. To whom I refer to as Our “Tribe”. Or the Dream Team. A tribe, or a team, pull together. They make plays on what route is best and what’s going to bring the “win” aka client satisfaction. 


As the owner, my education continues every single day. We all learn from one another’s experiences. Whether we’re proud of them, or still wanting more. Ideas, and experience bounce off the walls inside and outside of MSS. We ask questions and get second opinions. Not because we’re unsure or uncomfortable. But because we want to know each and every angle and approach to providing you the absolute best experience. 


The industry in which I grow more passionate about everyday, is changing, and evolving at a constant pace. What worked 5-10 years ago may not work today. We not only know that, we understand why, and then we challenge it. We don’t follow the flock, we are the leaders. We are the inspired, innovative, and motivated beauty professionals. We are always open to what’s coming next. And we are ready for it! 


When you call to schedule your appointment, we will match you with the professional that best accommodates your availability, your ideal price range, along with your desired service. We are all at different levels at MSS. And none of those levels are based on skill. They’re based on demand. And demand has nothing to do with years of experience. Our first priority is matching you up with someone you can work well with. Time and money are essential in finding your match. Once you’re matched up appropriately, we’ll take over from there. With a thorough consultation, we are sure to meet your expectations on the rest. 


Come see us!! See what we’re all about! See why we pride ourselves in knowing we are a step ahead. 


As always, have the most fabulous day! 


Jen Cannon

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