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Jen Cannon

As a Hairstylist, and now salon owner, I have spent my 26 year career behind the chair, perfecting the entire guest experience. From the minute you schedule, until you reschedule. And every moment between. The only thing that would allow this culture, was the help of like-minded professionals. To whom I refer to as Our “Tribe”. Or the Dream Team.


As the owner, my biggest priority is helping my team reach their individual goals, while giving them the direction they need. I focus my education on consumer trends, salon experience and perceived value. Doing hair goes way beyond that for me. I want to offer what other salons don't. That starts from the top!

I am here to support our industry, and each professional. If you're in need of some guidance, shoot me an email

and let's chat!

Meraki Salon Studio is more than just a salon. It’s a culture, It's a whole vibe.

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