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Signature Facial $74*

Perfect for a first time facial! Experience a thorough skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and mask topped with a scalp and shoulder massage. This facial is ideal for all skin types.


Anti-Aging Facial $74*

Keep your skin looking young and fresh! This facial is designed to regenerate smooth, supple skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This facial is ideal for dull, mature skin types. 


Impurity Facial $74*

Let the cleaning begin! This facial gives a deep clean, that rescues clogged, oily skin and soothes impurities leaving your skin clear, renewed, and refreshed. This facial is ideal for clogged pores, and acne prone skin types. 


Dude Facial $54

Men need facials too! Let us customize a classic facial to ease razor irritation, provide deep pore cleansing, and hydration to restore your skin.


Back Facial $59

We’ve got your back! Let us get those hard to reach areas, perfect for those experiencing “bacne” or clogged pores. 


Dermaplaning $50

This stand alone or add-on treatment is a manual exfoliation of the skin. It removes unwanted “peach fuzz” and dead skin cells leaving skin immediately baby soft and fuzz free!

Add Ons


Hydro Jelly Mask $15

Customized jelly-like mask solidify, creating a vacuum seal that pushes all the beneficial, yummy ingredients into your skin. Perfect to add on with a facial or dermaplane. 


High Frequency $15

Zap away unwanted bacteria and breakouts! High frequency oxygenates the skin, killing acne causing bacteria while stimulating blood circulation for beautiful healthy skin. 


Microdermabrasion $15

Peel away dull and aging skin! The ultra fine crystals in this treatment peel away dull, dead skin cells and stimulate an increase in collagen production for a noticeable glow. 


Dermaplaning: $35*

Manual exfoliation to remove unwanted “peach fuzz” and dead skin cells leaving the skin baby soft and fuzz free!

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